Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 7 in Honduras

A day of relaxing…ISH. Most of us decided to go zip lining over the Honduran forest. Sambo Creek Canopy Tours was our destination. It included 16 zip lines that zigzagged across the mountainside, with the longest one being over half a mile. It held a beautiful view the Caribbean Ocean. We could see as far as Roatan. Below us were cascading waterfalls, both cold and hot, so steam rose like clouds over the trees.

Before we left the hotel we had to sign waivers that said things like: I acknowledge I will be doing an activity that is not up to the safety standards of the United States, Europe, etc. I recognize that there is no medical attention readily available.

It was all of our first time zip lining. We didn’t know how physical the activity was. But man, what fun we had.

One of us got hurt. OK, it was me. I was coming in to the platform at the end of the longest run. I was going pretty fast, and couldn’t really get myself to slow down the way they had taught us. The instructor was helping someone get started on the next zip line, so was late to position himself to help me stop.

I saw it coming, but figured I’d use my legs on the tree to cushion my stop. Did you know that everything is slick when it’s raining? My feet slid up the tree (kind of sprawled, really), and my tuckus took the brunt of the stop.

I will be bruised for a while. It only diminished the fun for a few minutes.

After we finished the 16 line run, we walked down to the hot springs where we enjoyed the natural setting, with hot water running down one waterfall, and cold water down the other. A masseuse was on hand to give us 20-minute massages.

We returned to the hotel to leave for El Progresso where we will spend the night. It is only a half hour from the airport, instead of the 3-4 we were in La Ceiba.

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