Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 1 in Honduras

Since I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to explore drilling wells in third world countries a few months ago, there have been several times I've wondered what I've gotten myself into. Now that we are here - two plane rides and thousands of miles from home, I still wonder what's in store for us. Not from a fearful standpoint, but one of anticipation, knowing that God has called us here for a purpose.

From left: Michelle & Tony, Lori, Me, DeeDee, Josh, Justin & Jenny.

This morning we got on a plane in Houston, Texas. Three hours later we were standing at immigration in Honduras, trying to read the spanish signs (most of which were also in English).

We were met outside of the terminal by Emilio, our team leader, and Roberto. Emilio speaks English well, has a fun sense of humor, and had us singing songs we thought we forgot long ago (and some we actually did forget). It was a four hour drive from the airport in San Pedro Sula to Hotel Palma Real outside of La Ceiba, literally on the beach of the Caribbean. And my, what a drive. Potholes? No problem, we'll just swerve right around them. And school buses with their lights flashing and the stop sign out? Just swerve around them too. Policemen with AK-whatevers at checkpoints in almost every town, though none ever stopped us.

This was the most interesting house we saw...
It's put together using recycled materials, though the picture doesn't do it justice. You can't see it, but on the right side, second floor there is a bus (the whole bus) sticking out from the house which connects to a staircase down to ground level.

We ate lunch at, of all places, Burger King in El Progresso. The menu might be hard to read but the pictures are the same.

Our hotel is the Palma Real. It sits on the beach of the Caribbean. The water is bathwater warm. It seems to be a vacation destination for families from Honduras and elsewhere.

Tomorrow morning we join fellow believers at church before heading out on another two hour drive to the hotel that will be our home for the next several days. If I overheard correctly, the beds are nice but there isn't hot water. Oh well, showers are overrated anyway.

We are enjoying getting to know our team members from Florida and North Carolina. There are two teenagers besides Josh so he has someone his own age to talk to.

Pray for safety on the next leg of our journey.

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