Monday, October 14, 2013

Honduras Day 4: We all get our hands dirty

Well, for those of you who thought we were on a cushy vacation...if it were true, today it ended.

We started our day at the construction site for the new orphanage. They asked us to prepare part of the courtyard area for grass planting. It was hot, we were sweaty. But, we made good progress. When the time came for us to head to the orphanage we had accomplished quite a bit. Just because you only see me in the picture doesn't mean I'm the only one who worked. But it is my blog after all.

We were told that if we were being paid laborers, we would get $15 per DAY. It made us appreciate greatly our real jobs!

After lunch we returned to the kids...much more weary, but still excited to see them. They had school today so we spent quite a bit of time helping them do their homework. Well, some of us did. Others had the privilege of washing hand. It was backbreaking work, and made Lori, Dana and Sami empathize greatly with Sister Edith who doesn't often have this much help.

After homework was completed, it was time for the next
lesson that Douglas had prepared. This one included finger painting for the young ones, and watercolors for the older kids. Everyone had fun (well there were some tears, but what can you expect when you are herding cats?) and most kids ended up with paint on them somewhere. I guess they should have taken their baths after the lesson. Oh well, we can blame that one on Douglas.

Tomorrow is our last day with the kids. It's hard to believe that our time has gone by so fast. We have a few tricks left up our sleeves, but you'll have to wait to see what they are.

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